RAW | ORGANIC HEMP 1 1/4 300 BLOC BOX 40ct

SKU: RP521

MSRP: $6.99/EACH

Raw 300’s rolling papers are a must for a smoker who enjoys natural unbleached paper for their smoke. Raw Papers are 100% vegan and Raw showcases that by showing the user their signature organic hemp paper. Raw rolling papers are so thin that you’re able to see right through them. Raw also provides its uniquely designed watermark that prevents runs and gives a smoother slow burn. Raw 300’s come with 40 packs per box, and 300 leaves per pack. This means you get 6,000 organic hemp rolling papers. This means you can enjoy smoking tobacco without the need to restock your rolling papers often. This leaves you more time for you to enjoy what you love doing, smoking.
  • Size: 1 1/4″ inches
  • 20 units per box
Price Range

$35- $44.99


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