Cigar Cutters

What Is A Cigar Cutter?

A cigar cutter is an essential part of any cigar-smoking experience. Cigars are typically sealed all the way up on the mouthpiece and require a hole to be created. Choosing the right cigar cutter is just as critical in getting the best smoking experience as choosing the best cigar.

How Does A Cigar Cutter Work?

Cigar cutters have a sharp blade or multiple sharp blades that remove a part of the mouthpiece of a cigar and allow you to inhale through that newly created hole.

Types of Cigar Cutters We Wholesale.

Although our wholesale cigar cutters come in a variety of shapes, they also come in different styles.

  • Guillotine Cigar Cutter – A straight cut with either one or two blades.
  • V Cutter – A V-shaped cut that lets you control the strength of your cigar, Cut a shallow V for a milder smoke or a deeper V for a strong draw and richer flavors.
  • Cigar Punch – punches out a small hole from the tip of the cigar, making for a robust flavor profile as all the smoke passes through a tiny opening.

Benefits Of Adding Cigar Cutters To Your Store.

The main benefit of adding our wholesale cigar cutters to your store in bulk numbers is expanding your market base. Cigar aficionados and Herbal enthusiasts do not always have a lot of overlap in interests. Adding a cigar section to your smoke shop will attract a new client base you would not reach otherwise.

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