Blazy Susan

About Blazy Susan Brand.

Founded by William Breakell, who after graduating from the esteemed Virginia Military Institute realized he was meant to take a different path breaking into the alternative industry first with their name-sake the Blazy Susan and then with standout colorful papers.

Blazy Susan Products We Wholesale.

We stock a wide variety of rolling papers, cones, and accessories. From Blazy.

  • Rolling Papers: Blazy rolling papers come in 1 ¼” and King Size, as well as rolling kits with filters included! Colors include pink, purple, unbleached.
  • Pre-Rolled Cones: Blazy offers a wide variety of pre-rolled cones as well in a variety of sizes (53mm, 1 ¼”, 98mm, & King Size) and colors (pink, purple, unbleached).
  • Cotton Buds: Blazy Cotton Buds come in pink and natural, they are sure to get the gunk out of your waterpipe.

Why Should You Choose Blazy Susan For Your Shop?

There are many reasons to stock Blazy Susan products at your buisness

  • Blazy Susan papers & cones are made in France using premium wood pulp that deliver a slow burn with no aftertaste.
  • Blazy papers & cones are tough compared to other rolling papers with fewer rips, tears, and holes. Blazy papers also come with 50 per booklet instead of the standard 32.
  • Blazy papers come in standout colors that are sure to draw in customers, small booklets are perfect to add on at the end of an order.

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