We carry a wide variety of ashtrays for all of your smoking needs! From expensive and elegant ashtrays to ashtrays for on-the-go, we are sure to have the perfect accessory for you!
Why Use Ashtrays?
Ashtrays are great for containing the ash produced from smoking any product. They offer the ability for users to tap out excess ash into them and contain the mess that can come as a result of smoking.
Types Of Ashtrays That We Wholesale?
Metal – Ashtrays made from metal material. These ashtrays can be much more durable and include designs printed on them. Metal ashtrays look and feel much like a license plate would.

Silicone – Ashtrays are made from silicone material. Silicone ashtrays are more malleable and flexible. They offer means for a more portable sense.

Glass – Ashtrays are made from glass material. Glass ashtrays are much more of a delicacy. They are extremely fragile but offer a cooler look due to their material.

Bucket – Ashtrays that can fit in a cup holder. These ashtrays are typically in the shape of a bottle or can and can fit perfectly into a cupholder or cylinder.

Novelty – Ashtrays that are designed in a cool way (ex. Food or animal). Novelty ashtrays are more for the appeal to users. They come in fun shapes and sizes.

Trashcan – Large ash disposal cans that are mainly for use outside of buildings in smoking areas.

Design – Ashtrays that have cool and unique designs embedded in them.
What Are The Benefits Of Ashtrays?
There are many benefits of using ashtrays. The main benefit of an ashtray is to contain the mess from ash. Ashtrays can also be used as a decorative piece to stylize your smoking experience. Ashtrays can keep your half-smoked products safe for later consumption as well. When you’re done smoking, ashtrays are the safest place to dispose of the filter to prevent a fire. 
Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Ashtrays From Us?
Here at Art of Glass Wholesale, ashtrays are yet another product we are proud to offer at the wholesale level. From different shapes, sizes, materials, and types, we have a large selection to choose from. Our promise to you for our wholesale ashtrays is that you won’t be let down! Shop with us now for all of your ashtray needs!!

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