Rolling Machines

A rolling machine is a common smoking accessory that helps you to roll fast and efficiently! Rolling machines roll the joint for you from just a paper and ground herbs, a packing machine requires a pre-rolled cone to be packed with ground herbs.

What Are Rolling And Packing Machines For?

Rolling and packing machines are used to get a consistent and even roll or pack with your smokable herb. Rolling machines require little effort and do most of the hard work for you.

How To Use A Rolling Machine? Step-by-Step

A rolling machine is an easy way to get a perfectly packed roll, here are some step-by-step instructions

  • Step 1: Open up the rolling machine by separating the rollers
  • Step 2: Spread herb evenly in the open divet
  • Step 3: Close the machine and use your fingers to rotate the rollers in a single direction
  • Step 4: align your paper with the opening of the roller and roll the paper into the machine until the glue edge is all that is visible, Lick to seal and roll the edge into the machine
  • Step 5: Continue rolling for 10 seconds, then open the machine and enjoy!

Types Of Rolling And Packing Machines We Wholesale.

Besides the basic rolling machine, there are other types of blunt rolling and packing machines we wholesale in bulk.

  • Rolling Machine: The most common rolling machine, Two cylindrical rollers connected by a belt.
  • Cone Filler: This machine allows you to pack your herb into a perfect cone shape before slotting it into the cone
  • Box Cone Filler: Used for bulk filling cones, these boxes let you insert a large amount of cones into perfectly sized tubes. Then, the herb is placed in the top of the box that collects into all of the holes.

Benefits Of Adding Hemp Roller Machines To Your Store.

There are many reasons to include hemp roller machines in your store.

  • Hemp rolling machines often come in the same brand as rolling papers, making them easy to pair and sell together.
  • Blunt rolling machines and papers are a perfect sell to someone not looking to commit to spending money on a piece
  • For extra-long papers and rolls, a machine is the easiest way to keep everything from falling apart

Where Can I Buy Bulk Blunt Roller Machine? And Why?

At AOG Wholesale, we have a wide variety of blunt rolling machines and packing machines in bulk at wholesale prices. Whether you’re looking to roll one up for yourself or pack 150 at once, we have you covered.

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