Pre-roll Tubes

Pre-roll tubes are slim containers that are typically cylindrical in shape. Pre-roll tubes are normally a few inches in length and just wide enough to fit pre-rolled smoking products. They are often smell-proof, allowing for the transport of partially smoked products with no smokey smell!

How Does A Pre-Roll Container Work?

Pre-roll containers work with the container’s body being connected to a lid or cap. The pre-rolled substance slides into the container, and the lid is shut. This allows for the pre-roll inside of the container to be firmly stored and more smell-proof than out in the open. Pre-roll tubes are a storage option for smaller, smokable products.

About Our Pre-Roll Tubes, We Wholesale.

The pre-roll tubes wholesale we offer at Art of Glass are among some of the best available on the market. From different shapes, sizes, and quantities, we have it all. Check out our selection of joint tubes wholesale now at Art of Glass!

Types Of Pre-Roll Tubes Available For Wholesale.

Glass – Tubes made of glass. Glass tubes are more durable and of a harder substance compared to other materials. Glass pre-roll packaging tubes cost more.

Plastic – Tubes made of plastic. Plastic tubes are more flexible but also less durable. The plastic components on a plastic tube are easier to use but cheaper. Plastic joint tubes are less expensive.

Designed – Tubes with various designs on them. This can range from characters to different colors, shapes, etched markings, and more.

Child Proof – Tubes with child proof lids/caps. These pre-roll tubes contain twist-off lids that are similar to pill bottles. This ensures the safety of preventing small children from getting their hands on the substance inside.

Best Pre-Roll Tube Brands That We Wholesale.

Doob Tubes – The OG of pre-roll tubes. Doob Tubes are well known in the marketplace and have enveloped their brand name to become slang for pre-roll tubes.

Mr. Joint – Mr. Joint tubes are creatively designed to appeal to the eye of the beholder. Ranging with different designs, their pre-roll tubes are more colorful.

Loud Lock – Loud Lock has established itself as one of the more reliable brands for pre-roll tubes. All of their products are made of a thorough quality, and offer bulk pricing for every make/model.

Benefits Of Buying Bulk Pre-Roll Tubes.

The benefits of buying bulk pre-roll tubes mostly relate to the quantity over the price that you get when doing so. Pre-roll tubes are inexpensive to make, so manufacturers ship them out in bulk quantities. 

These quantities benefit you as the customer because it offer the ability to purchase large amounts at a cheap price. In turn, these pre-roll tubes can be sold individually to make a good profit. 

Considerations When Choosing Pre-Roll Tubes Wholesale.

Size – Most pre-roll tubes come in a standard one-size, although alternative sizes are available, which may be beneficial.

Color – The color of the tube can be more appealing to the customer.

Quantity – When buying pre-roll tubes, the quantity is something to keep an eye out for. Many come in counts of 50, 100, 500, and even 1000. This can save more in the long run by purchasing more in bulk.

Material – The material of the tube does matter to some. Tubes typically come in plastic, although metal and glass options are out there.

How To Clean Pre-Roll Containers?

Pre-roll containers can be cleaned similarly to any other typical container. Soap and warm water are simply filled in the tube and shaken around until clean. Additionally, if further residue builds up and is stubborn to get out, a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt shaken around the inside of the tube will do as well.

Why You Should Buy Our Pre-Roll Tubes Wholesale?

At Art of Glass Wholesale, like many of the products that we carry, pre-roll tubes are nothing short of the best selection you can find. We offer multiple brands and types in order to satisfy every need that you may need. Come shop at Art of Glass Wholesale for all of your pre-roll tube needs now!

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