Art of Glass Wholesale carries a variety of lighters available for purchase. From disposable to refillable to adjustable, we’ve got you covered. Most of our lighters come in bulk to make it easier and more affordable for you to turn a good profit. Lighters are such a high-selling item that they are inevitably timeless. Check out our selection now! 
What Are Lighters For?
Lighters are a portable means of always having an easily accessible flame on hand. Used mostly for the ignition of smoking products, lighters are versatile and can be used for many other purposes, such as cooking, camping, candle lighting, and more!
What Options Of Wholesale Lighters Are Available?
Here at Art of Glass Wholesale, our availability of lighters is endless. From the physical lighters themselves to accessories and fuel, we’ve got it all. Some of our options include:

Disposable lighters – lighters typically made of cheaper plastic. These lighters are meant to be thrown away after they run out of fuel.

Zippo lighters – a brand-name lighter that has been notorious for decades. Zippo lighters are known to be of a square shape, with a wick and refillable ability. The top flicks open to fashionable style the lighter during use.

Torch lighters – lighters with a strong and steady flame. Often adjustable, torch lighters are used for heavier-duty tasks that require a hotter and heavier flame.

Butane fuel – Most refillable lighters run off butane fuel. It is a compact form of gas that fills refillable lighter ports for them to run off.

Zippo fuel – zippo lighters require a specific fuel in the form of liquid. Zippo offers the ability for users to purchase fuel to refill their Zippo lighters.

Refillable lighters – lighters that offer the ability to be refilled, often by butane fuel. These lighters can be reused compared to disposable lighters that get thrown away.

Lighter sleeves – a lighter accessory that fits snug around the base of a lighter. Lighter sleeves offer abilities such as poking tools and hemp wick placement.

Lighter flint replacement – manual lighters utilize flint as their lighting mechanism. Over time, the flint wears down, which is where a replacement comes in handy.

Hempwick roll – Hempwick is a twin-like material that comes in a thin strand, similar to rope. It is made from hemp materials and often coated in wax. Hempwick alternatively gives users the ability to essentially light their smoking product through a method that refrains from using butane.

Lighter wick replacement – lighters that utilize wicks, over time will need a replacement. This is where lighter wick replacements come in handy.
Considerations When Choosing Wholesale Lighters:
When choosing wholesale lighters for purchasing, it is important to note that there are many different variables to take into account. Some of the more crucial concerns are listed below. 

Brand and Originality: Brands and their originality when selecting the proper wholesale lighter are essential for what appeals to a customer. Although name brands do not always mean quality in a product, some customers prefer a well-known name brand.

Quality and Durability: The quality and durability of a lighter product are extremely important when it comes to selecting wholesale lighter products to purchase. Customers look for a reliable product for lighters since they are so heavily and frequently used.

Affordability and Bulk Pricing: In order for all parties to benefit, purchasing lighters wholesale means that they come at an affordable cost while offering bulk options to maximize profit.

Customer Preferences and Demands: Knowing your customers and the market they are a part of is important. Making sure you have a feel for what your customers are interested in and purchase is essential for you to ensure that they will buy the lighters you choose.

Exchange or Return Policy: Establishing a defined exchange/return policy, especially when it comes to lighters, is important. Lighters being such an abundant and disposable product means that there will sometimes be unfortunate circumstances in which a product may be faulty, and you need to exercise this policy. This ensures that customers do not become disgruntled.

Safety Features and Compliance: lighter products are definitely hazardous items if not appropriately handled. They are flammable, and most have federally regulated safety features built in to ensure that dangers are avoided.

Service and Assistance: Delivering the correct lighter products to your customers and making sure that they are receiving the help that they need is the personable approach to a successful sale of these wholesale products. 
Lighter Brands: We Offer Bulk Wholesale   
We offer many different brands of bulk lighter wholesale. Some of our most popular brands include:

Bic – notably the most popular lighter brand in the world. Bic owns and distributes many of the lighters everyone uses today.

Raw – Raw, although mostly a rolling paper company, often collaborates with Bic and other lighter brands in order to curate to the needs of the lighter industry.

Zippo – Zippo has been one of the oldest standing lighters still around today. Zippo lighters are constructed out of metal material and are known for their durability.

Clipper – Clipper lighters are fairly new on the scene compared to others. They are crafted in a cylinder shape with refillable abilities to offer ease of use.

Toker Poker – Toker Poker-branded products are specifically used as lighter accessories. They fit snugly around the lighter to offer poking-tool abilities.

Special Blue – Special Blue creates and distributes heavy-duty lighters and butane fuel.

Maven – Maven manufactures heavy-duty torch lighters.

Scorch – Scorch manufactures heavy-duty torch lighters.

Eagle – Eagle manufactures heavy-duty torch lighters.
Benefits of Buying Bulk Lighters:
Purchasing bulk lighters from Art of Glass Wholesale can pose many benefits. To start, you save a lot in the long run on the cost per unit. Buying in bulk always keeps the prices down, so you can make a higher profit margin via retail. Additionally, you receive more counts of the product you purchase, which cuts down on how often you need to restock that product. Finally, buying bulk lighters offers the ability to obtain more variety based on the turnover you experience at the retail level and the ability to have a larger selection of products.
Your Best Option For Buying Wholesale Lighters:
The best option for buying wholesale lighters is to do so at Art of Glass Wholesale! We offer a wide range of lighters and lighter products at the best price possible. Shopping for your lighter needs with us is the way to go!

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