Art of Glass Wholesale has a diverse variety of vapes ready to stock in your store. From Concentrate and Dry Herb vaporizers to 510 thread cartridges, we are sure to have the selection of vapes you require to satisfy all of your customers’ needs. Be sure to check out our ever-growing selection today

What Is A Vaporizer/How Does It Work?

Vaporizers are sleek and assorted in technology. Also known as a “vape,” a vaporizer is a device that heats a substance, typically being liquid or even dry herbs, to a temperature that allows the substance to heat to the point of combustion at which vapor is produced. Vaping is an alternative method to smoking due to the adverse health effects that vaporizers can avoid compared to conventional smoking methods.

What Types Of Vaporizers Do We Sell?

Art of Glass Wholesale offers an array of vaporizer products for our customers! We allow our customers to vape wholesale at the best factory prices. From dry herbs to liquid vapes, we have them all! Some of our most popular vaping devices include:


Dry Herb Vaporizers: dry herb vaporizers are devices that are explicitly designed to combust ground material, such as dried herbs or flower. Dry herb vaporizers allow the material within them to be heated to a point in which the active compounds of the substance are released, but without causing the material itself to burn. Dry herb vaporizers work in the stages of loading the material, heating the material, vaporizing the material, and outputing the vapor.

Concentrate Vaporizers: Concentrate vaporizers are devices that are explicitly designed to consume concentrated material, such as resin or wax. Concentrate vaporizers allow the material to be heated to the perfect temperature.

510 Thread Battery – A 510 Thread battery allows the user to attach any disposable 510 thread cartridge for easy consumption of wax materials, they typically recharge through the 510 thread adapter.

Brands for Vape Wholesale:

We offer top brands to our customers with wholesale availability. Our vape wholesale also provides many brands to expand the product collection. Let’s explore the brands we sell vape.

OOZE – Ooze vape products were shaped by their founders to be the most reliable and quality products you could find. In a world where vape batteries were mediocre at best, and flooded in a market that no one specialized in a sound product, ooze took it upon themselves to produce products that their customers could rely on. Ooze products are created to appeal to the user first and do so by a creative design that isn’t produced just to sell the product. They care about their customers, and so do we, which is why we are proud to distribute Ooze products as a part of Art of Glass Wholesale.

Lookah – Lookah has been around since 2009, and what started as a glass company has now flourished into the full realm of smoking products. Lookah offers designs in its products that continue to blend style with function. Their electronic technologies go great to complement other glass pieces that you may have. Buy Lookah branded products from Art of Glass Wholesale now!

Randy’s – Randy’s has been at the forefront of smoke products that specialize in innovation that shape the industry for over 45 years. Randy’s vaporizer pioneer changed in ways that no one could have imagined. Some of the smoothest vaporization you can get from a product on the market has Randy’s’ name on it, so buy now from Art of Glass Wholesale!

Pulsar – Pulsar vaporizers began with one of the first handheld portable dry herb vaporizers. Since then, they have been at the forefront of developing some of the highest quality products at the most reasonable cost for their consumers. Take part in Pulsar’s brand and shop their products now at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Focus V – Focus V began with the Carta, one of the first mainstream portable water pipe vaporizers on the market. They have carefully crafted their brand to cater to all users’ needs and continue to innovate their products to be a leader in cutting-edge design. Focus V offers various vaporizers and accessories, all of which we carry here at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Puffco – Puffco began in 2013 when its CEO decided that a better way needed to be had for substances to interact with technology. Thus came Puffco, a brand designed to be the best concentration-consumption platform. Puffco products are the poster of elegance yet offer simplicity as their model for ease of use. Puffco products range in all shapes and sizes, so shop now at Art of Glass Wholesale to see what is offered!

Yocan – Yocan vaporizer products range from different mods and accessories to cater to your needs. Some of the most reasonable and affordable costs in terms of vaporizer products come from Yocan, many of which are offered here at Art of Glass Wholesale.

Galaxy – Galaxy offers products that all give way to the ways of the vaporizer industry. Their products come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Come shop with us now to see what Galaxy offers at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Seshgear – Seshgear provides a way to give consumers functional products at an affordable cost. They offer a variety of concentration vaporizer devices that you can view now at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Hamilton – Hamilton gives way to tons of different portable vaporizer products with discretion in mind as their focus. From CCELLs to 510 threads, Hamilton has it all. View their products now at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Atmos – Atmos, being around now for over a decade, has kept the dream of vaporizer products around for everyone. They globally innovate their products to curate directly to the consumer without the overhead and worry about competition. See what Atmos has to offer at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Dr. Dabber – Dr. Dabber focuses on creating technology-driven vaporizer products that meet the custom needs of every consumer alike. Starting in 2013, they set out to solve outdated technology issues and poor quality in the vaporizer market. Now, Dr. Dabber is one of the industry leaders in quality vaporization products, all of which are available to check out at Art of Glass Wholesale!

Tsunami – Started in 2011, Tsunami has dedicated themselves to elevating the smoking experience through innovative designs and unparalleled craftsmanship. They are passionate about providing sound products that satisfy the community every time. Shop Tsunami’s products now at Art of Glass Wholesale.

How To Clean A Vaporizer?

Cleaning a vape on a regular basis is important to maintain the functionality and performance of the device. In order to do so, the steps are as follows:

  • Take apart the appropriate pieces
  • Dispose of any remaining liquids/substances
  • Clean out the tank/reservoir and associated pieces with a proper cleaning product
  • Check and replace coils (if necessary)
  • Reassemble the device back to its original state.
  • Refill the tank/reservoir and recharge the battery.

Why Should You Buy Our Vape Wholesale?

We offer wholesale vaporizers and accessories at Art of Glass Wholesale. When it comes down to the quality of the product, we carefully choose what brands to carry and only distribute those that will be of a satisfactory result for both you and the customer. In terms of pricing, we offer the most affordable costs you can ask for in the hopes that our customers walk away as happy as we are to serve them. Shop our wide range of vape wholesale from the industry’s top brands.

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