Art of Glass Wholesale specializes in glass pipes of all varieties. Whether you are looking for water pipes, hand pipes, rigs, tubes, beakers, you name it, we got it. Our glass pipe collection is some of the finest brands and styles imaginable. Come take a look for yourself at Art of Glass Wholesale!
How Does A Glass Pipe Work?
Glass pipes are pipes made from glass materials that are primarily used for smoking purposes. Glass pipes come in various selections, but all offer some form and ability to burn tobacco, herbs, and other combustible substances within them. 

Some pipes use water and percolation techniques to cycle the smoke/vapor through the pipe, whereas others simply draw it through hollow portions of the glass.
How Do You Use A Glass Pipe?
The general sense of how a glass pipe works is by loading the “bowl” section of the pipe with the desired material. Once loaded, a flame or other variation of ignition is used to ignite the substance, to which the smoke/vapor produced is drawn through the rest of the pipe, to the mouthpiece, into the user’s mouth for inhalation.
Describe The Different Types Of Glass Pipes We Wholesale.
Here at Art of Glass Wholesale, the range of glass pipes that we sell is endless. Various styles and types exist, most of which are listed below:

Water Pipes – A type of glass pipe that allows for smoke/vapor to travel through percolators that sit within water to draw the smoke/vapor through. This allows for the smoke/vapor to be first filtrated and cooled before being delivered to the user.

Water pipes are some of the most popular forms of pipe smoking and offer an immensely proficient use.

Hand Pipes – A smaller type of pipe that typically fits in the palm of your hand. Hand pipes often work simply by ignition and inhalation, meaning nothing besides hollowed-out space in between the bowl and mouthpiece. 

Hand pipes often include a carb hole that sits on the side of the pipe as a means to establish suction for smoke/vapor to be drawn through.

Branded Pipes – Pipes that are made by a specific brand. They often come with the brand embedded somewhere on the pipe for visual effect.

Beakers – A pipe that resembles that of a beaker from a laboratory. Beaker pipes tend to be made of thicker glass and have a triangle base shape with a straight-shaped neck. Beaker pipes use water and a downstem connected to the bowl piece as a form of percolation.

Bubblers – Smaller handheld pipes that have a water chamber for smoke to circulate through. They can typically fit in the palm of your hand and offer ease of use. Bubblers use only the space within the pipe and a carb hole as a means to suction the water to bubble.

Rigs – Another form of a water pipe that is tailored more towards oil-burning capabilities. Rigs tend to have more sophisticated percolation and are of a smaller size. They use “nails” or “bangers” to contain the oil being smoked.

Straight Tubes – A water pipe that is defined by its straightened shape and size. Straight Tubes stand tall and do not have any curvature in their design. They use a downstem and bowl piece just as beakers do.
Best Brands of Glass Pipes we wholesale.
At Art of Glass Wholesale, Glass Pipes are our specialty. Specifically, branded Glass Pipes are available from a wide selection. Below are some of the best brands of glass pipes that we carry:

AFM – AFM branded as Alien Flower Monkey, AFM glass focuses on high-quality pieces that make the smoking experience one that is fun and enjoyable for users.

Cheech – Cheech Glass has partnered with the infamous Cheech Marin as the face of the franchise to deliver relatable products to customers worldwide.

Galaxy – Galaxy delivers out-of-this-world products that retain a reputable brand of high-quality products.

Grav – Grav, headquartered here in the U.S.A. in Austin, Texas, designs precision instruments as its product model for customers to enjoy smoking.

Lookah  – Lookah glass products range from all different pipe types that fuse style and function. Owning a pipe from Lookah is compared to owning a piece of art because of the care they place in their products.

Ooze – Ooze vape products were shaped by their founders to be the most reliable and quality products you could find. Ooze products are created to appeal to the user first and do so by a creative design that isn’t produced just to sell the product. Their glass products are on par with their technology, so take a look at what they have to offer.

Roor – Roor is a proud company that originated in Europe by professional glassblower Martin Birzle. Their mission is to skillfully deliver high-end glass pipes to the smoking market.

Space King – Space King delivers edge-cutting designs to the glass pipe marketplace. They set their sights on a wide range of accessories that appeal alongside glass pipes for customers. 
Considerations When Choosing Glass Pipes.
When choosing glass pipes in bulk, it is important to weigh their differences. Our Wholesale glass pipes come in an array of shapes, sizes, materials, and quality. Consider the following:

Quality Of Glass: Customers want good quality in any product they purchase. Glass is no exception, and especially when it comes to glass pipes, they need sound quality.

Brand Of Glass: Brands matter to some consumers. With that being said, it is a consideration to weigh in when choosing to purchase wholesale glass pipes. Brands have notability in the marketplace, which is why it is wise to stock up on brands that sell fast.

Price Of Product: Glass pipes can skew all over the spectrum when it comes to their prices. Quality glass typically means quality cost – so it is a good idea to have a range of products that vary in pricing to appeal to all types of customers.

Functionality: Glass pipes have many different types of functionality. Some are used for oils, others for tobacco and herbs. This being said, having functional pieces for all categories is essential.

Color/Style: The color/style of the glass pipes you carry can be the make-or-break on whether or not they sell. Customers love to have eye-catching pieces that offer originality and visually appealing aspects. Pick out some glass pipes that look cool and have nice attributes to them.
Why You Should Buy Our Bulk Glass Pipes?
Here at Art of Glass Wholesale, we specialize in glass. It is our forte. So, when you are shopping with us, you know that the products we carry are worth every penny we sell them. 

From expensive to inexpensive, large to small, heavy to light, colorful to simplistic, we have everything and more that you look for when shopping for bulk glass pipes. 

Choose Art of Glass Wholesale to fit all of your glass pipe buying needs. We won’t disappoint!

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