About SmokeBuddy Brand

SmokeBuddy was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing high-quality personal air filters, giving customers the freedom to smoke where they want. 

SmokeBuddy supports a variety of charities and local organizations through its products and sponsorships.

SmokeBuddy Products We Wholesale?

SmokeBuddy carries three main products in a wide variety of colors and designs.

  • SmokeBuddy Mega: SmokeBuddy’s largest personal air filter is designed with a filter twice as large as the original. Estimated 600 uses.
  • SmokeBuddy Original: The original handheld, reliable personal air filter. Keep secondhand smoke away from the people around you. Estimated 300 uses.
  • SmokeBuddy Mini: A pocket-size version of the original SmokeBuddy. Estimated 150 uses.

Why Should You Choose SmokeBuddy For Your Shop?

There are many reasons to add SmokeBuddy products to your storefront.

  • SmokeBuddy is the original personal air filter.
  • SmokeBuddy’s unique design and packaging, along with its complimentary keychain, will stand out on your shelf.

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