Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are some of the most profound and everlasting products on the market. Dating back centuries, rolling papers have been around since the smoking of cigarettes and cigars began. They are a disposable form of smoking herbal blends.
What Are Rolling Papers For?
Rolling papers are thin papers made from materials such as hemp, wood pulp, rice straw, and more. They tend to come in small packages layered in rectangular-shaped sheets. They are used for smokable material to be placed inside and rolled up by the user. 

Users go through the process of “rolling” their substance inside of the paper for it to be formed into the proper shape for smoking purposes.
How To Use Rolling Papers?
Rolling Papers have a distinctive way that they are supposed to be utilized. In order to properly ensure that you use rolling papers the correct way, follow the steps below:

Prepare the substance being rolled. This is typically done by grinding up the material with a grinder.
Prepare the paper. Grab the rolling paper and form it in your hands/fingers so that it is in a “ut” shape that the material can fill in.
Fill the paper with the prepared material.
Shape the material in the paper. As you fill the paper with substance, pack it tight with your fingers so that it is compact.
Begin to roll the paper over. Just as you would roll a pencil between your fingertips, roll the paper over itself until it is wound tightly in a circular fashion.
Seal the paper. By using saliva or water, moisten the seam that will seal the paper up and press it down as you do so.
Let it dry.

Types Of Rolling Papers We Wholesale.
When it comes to rolling papers that we wholesale, it is important to note that different types exist. Of those types, the following are what we carry:

Papers – Generic rolling papers that come in flat packaging, layered on top of each other. Smaller and thinner papers made from hemp-derived materials.

Cones – Thin rolling papers that are already pre-shaped in the style of a cone. These are easier for packing purposes and don’t require the rolling and sealing of typical papers.

Hemp Wraps – Thicker and larger papers that have more durability. They can come in a variety of different flavors. Hemp wraps are similar to the wrap used for a cigar.

Flavored Papers – Papers that have flavorings infused into the paper.
Best Brands Of Rolling Papers That We Carry.
Here at Art of Glass, we carry a variety of rolling papers for wholesale. Here are a few of the best brands:

Raw – Raw has prided itself on a 100% hemp-derived & organic product model. All of their rolling papers are completely natural and authentic. Raw is as mainstream and reliable as it gets in the rolling paper industry.

Blazy Susan – Originating from Denver, Colorado, Blazy Susan began as a literal Lazy Susan for smoking products. Now, they service all areas of the industry, including rolling papers.

King Palm – King Palm began in 2016 and has given way to traditional all-natural leaf wraps. They pride themselves on using historical methods in the development of their wraps.

Juicy Jay’s began in the 1980’s and has taken off in every sense. Known best for their flavored rolling papers, Juicy Jay’s offers tons of different flavored-infused rolling papers to give smokers some extra taste in their product.

Afghan Hemp – Afghan Hemp wraps are GMO-free and 100% natural. Priding themselves off of these factors, they deliver a sound and healthier product to the marketplace.

OCB – OCB has been around for longer than most, dating back to 1918. Manufactured in the French Alps, OCB has supplied smokers with rolling paper products for decades. 
Benefits Of Rolling Papers.
The benefits of rolling papers outweigh many alternative methods of smoking, especially when it comes down to the genuine nature of where they come from. Many rolling paper brands pride themselves on being produced from hemp-derived and organic materials. 

This takes away many health risks other forms of smoking offer and instead gives a safer and healthier form of smoking. Additionally, rolling papers allow the user to customize what type, size, flavor, and style they want to smoke at that moment.
What To Consider When Buying Wholesale Rolling Papers?
When buying rolling papers at the wholesale level, there are many factors to consider. Amongst them, some of the most important are:

Size – The size of the rolling paper matters. They come in all different kinds of measurements, so it is important to offer a variety of them to appeal to all.

Material – The material of the paper can be essential to its selling point. Make sure to buy rolling papers based on what materials sell the best.

Durability – Some rolling papers, including their burn time, can be more durable than others. They might not be the best if they are not very durable and burn fast.

Brand – Like other products, rolling paper brands matter to many customers. Buy the brands that sell the most and have the best notability.
Where To Buy Bulk Rolling Papers And Why?
Bulk rolling papers can be purchased alongside all of our other products at Art of Glass Wholesale! We offer many different brands, kinds, and styles of wholesale rolling paper. It is best to buy them from us in bulk, where we can give you the best pricing and selection possible!

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