Elements brand papers are the perfect combination of Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire. Elements papers are made from earth plants grown in natural soil. The beautifully watermarked paper is grown from seeds carried on the wind. Elements have a perfect burn as well, making it a standout paper!

About Elements Brand.

Elements is known for its rice paper rolling papers! These all-natural papers are ultra-thin and burn perfectly from tip to filter! 

About Elements Brand Products.

Elements carry a wide range of products like rolling papers, cones, filters, rolling machines, and other accessories.

Different Types Of Elements Papers We Wholesale.

Elements has two different types of papers available: hemp and rice. Both of these papers have Elements patented run-prevention watermark system and natural vegan gum.

  • Rice: Elements rice papers are ultra-thin, translucent-style papers. They are not actually made of rice! The paper is sealed with a natural vegan acacia tree sap gum that naturally contains sugars.
  • Hemp: Elements hemp papers are made of natural slow-burning hemp with a natural vegan acacia tree sap gum that naturally contains sugars.

Top-Selling Elements Papers.

Elements is most known for its ultra-rice range of rolling papers, these papers are the main selling point of the Elements brand.

Why Choose Elements Papers For Your Shop?

Elements papers have many qualities that make them a perfect addition to your shop.

  • Elements Papers is a well-recognized brand that is sure to bring in loyal rollers.
  • Elements patented run-prevention watermark makes sure you don’t waste a single puff of your joint.

Where Can You Buy Elements Papers Wholesale?

AOG Wholesale has a wide variety of Elements papers available in rice, hemp, and now a range of pink papers. A varying selection of sizes from single wide to king size are also available.

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