King Palm

About The King Palm Brand.

King Palm is the manufacturer of groundbreaking smoking products. Their natural leaf rolls use palm leaves and all-natural materials for a clean smoking experience. 

Each roll comes outfitted with natural corn-husk filters that give you smooth, uninterrupted airflow. King Palm rolls also come in a wide variety of flavors and lengths so that you can customize the smoking experience to your preference.

King Palm Products We Wholesale.

King Palm sells a wide variety of tobacco-free smoking products and wraps.

  • Palm Leaf Rolls: King Palms ready-to-fill pre-rolled cones are your perfect on-the-go companion for a tobacco-free smoke experience. These rolls are made of a whole palm leaf.
  • Flavored Tips: King Palm Filters are made from organically grown cornhusks and provide superior filtration. These filter tips are designed to let you take smoother, bigger hits.
  • Goji Wraps: King Palms’s innovative goji wraps are made of organic small red berries from the Lycium Barbarum Plant. These wraps have a velvety texture and a slow burn time, perfect for savoring your favorite strain.
  • Palm Wraps: King Palms Palm Wraps are made of refined palm leaves for a tobacco-free smoking experience

Why Should You Choose King Palm For Your Shop?

There are many reasons to stock king palm products at your smoke shop, gas station, or provisioning center.

  • Carrying a wide variety of king palm flavors will have your customers interested in trying new flavors and therefore purchasing more of the product. Increasing the customer engagement with the brand increases customer engagement with your shop. 
  • King palm wraps are tobacco-free and a healthy alternative to the more common blunt wrap.

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