About Pulsar Brand.

Pulsar has been at the forefront of the vaping industry since its inception. First creating a handheld portable herb vape, pulsar has expanded over the years to provide a wide variety of over 1000 products out of Asheville, NC. 

Known most for their industry-defining and affordable APX series of vapes, Pulsar also produces a wide variety of water pipes, hand pipes, e-nails, trays, grinders, and silicone. Pulsar’s goal is to help everyone “enjoy higher culture.”

Pulsar Products We Wholesale.

We carry a variety of Pulsar’s wide selection of products, including:

  • Pulsar Vaporizers: Pulsar carries a variety of vaporizers and e-rigs. Most notably is Pulsar’s APX family of vaporizers. The Volt & Wax can tackle any wax or concentrate. The Pro is a convection dry herb vape and the Smoker is a combustion dry herb vape.
  • Pulsar Glass: Pulsar has a variety of stunning glass in unique and interesting shapes, each available in a variety of colors. Pulsar carries, water pipes, hand pipes, chillums, wax straws, bowl heads, and more!
  • Pulsar Accessories: We also stock a wide variety of accessories from Pulsar, including dugouts, tips, mechanical and electric grinders, and cleaning accessories.

Why Should You Choose Pulsar For Your Shop?

There are many reasons to stock Pulsar products in your shop.

  • They have brand recognition across the industry.
  • Pulsar products are reliable and durable and can be used regularly.
  • Pulsar products come in a wide variety of colors and styles, so they are sure to be a perfect fit for every customer.

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