Oil Burners

Oil burner pipes, also known as oil rigs or glass oil pipes, are devices used for the smoke or vaporization of concentrated products. These products come in a variety of forms, but most popularly consist of an oil or wax form.

Oil burner pipes work by loading the material into the pipe and then combusting it in some form while inhaling the smoke/vapor that comes out of the pipe.

How To Use An Oil Burner Pipe?

Oil burner pipes can be used in different forms. The most common form of oil burner use is heating an excess portion of the pipe, known as a “nail” or “banger,” and letting it get to an extremely hot temperature.

This is done via a torch or flame element. Once the nail/banger has cooled down to a point in which material can still melt and combust but not fully burn, it is then up to the consumer to load the material they choose into the pipe and inhale while it turns to smoke/vapor.

About Our Wholesale Oil Burner Pipes.

At Art of Glass Wholesale, we offer a variety of different oil burner pipes at your disposal! From different functionalities, shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, we’ve got you covered!

For our customers to truly get the best deal possible, we offer bulk oil burner pipes at the best wholesale prices. Oil burner pipes are just yet another specialty here at Art of Glass Wholesale, so come and take a look for yourself!

Different Types Of Oil Burner Pipes.

Here at Art of Glass, Wholesale oil burners come in different types and models. Below, you can see how they differ from one another. 

  • Bubblers – A Bubbler is a smaller handheld smoking device that has a water chamber for smoke to circulate through. They can typically fit in the palm of your hand and offer ease of use.
  • Rigs – More of a water pipe; rigs are more of a tailored design for oil-burning capabilities, mostly due to their sophisticated percolation and smaller size.
  • Nectar Straws – A Nectar Straw-like glass or metal tube that requires on end to be heated to a high-temperature point in which it can melt and combust oil materials properly, to which the other end is used as a mouthpiece to inhale the smoke/vapor created. The design is very similar to the act of sipping out of a straw.
  • Hand PipesHand Oil Burner Pipes are very small in size and can typically fit in the palm of your hand. Hand oil burners operate simply by loading the substance to the fitted portion of the pipe and igniting it to combust as the user inhales on the other end of the pipe.

Benefits Of Buying Bulk Oil Burner Pipes From Us.

When you buy bulk oil burner pipes from Art of Glass, you can be assured that the product you are buying will surely satisfy you. 

Other wholesalers push out many products listed as “oil burners” that simply are not. This field of pipes is a limited one, with a very specific demand. 

Art of Glass Wholesale has taken the time to carefully curate your oil burner needs so that the products you are selecting are indeed the correct kind. Take a look at what we have to offer and decide for yourself why Art of Glass Wholesale is the right place to buy your unbreakable oil burner pipes!

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