Water Pipes

What Is A Water Pipe?

A water pipe is typically made out of glass ceramic, acrylic, or silicone. It has a bowl piece for placing your smokable herb in and usually some form of downstem to carry that smoke down and through water for filtration. The smoke then travels up the mouthpiece and to the user

How Does A Water Pipe Work?

A water pipe is used for smoking legal herbs. First, the herb is placed in the bowl, then the herb is lit as the user begins inhaling.  The smoke from the herb travels through the downstem and is filtered through the water before being inhaled by the user.

About Our Water Pipe Wholesale.

We wholesale a wide variety of waterpipes from different brands and vendors across the USA and the world! At AOG Wholesale, you are sure to find the perfect waterpipes to stock your shelves and satisfy your customers.

Different Types Of Water Pipe We Wholesale.

At AOG, we sell a wide variety of water pipes in many different styles and materials in bulk.

In Terms Of Structure:

  • Straight Tube: A straight tube water pipe is, just as its name suggests, a straight glass tube mouthpiece with a downstem and bowlhead. These pieces may feature a perc.
  • Beaker: A straight-necked waterpipe that flares out at the end into a beaker shape; this waterpipe also has a downstem and may contain percolators.
  • Rig: A typically heavily percolated water pipe that maximizes cooling for smoking herbal resins.
  • Bubbler: A small handheld water pipe that does not typically feature a removable downstem or bowlhead, A combination of a waterpipe and a handpipe

In Terms Of Materials:

  • Glass: The most common and popular form of water pipe, a glass water pipe can come in a wide variety of colors and percolators.
  • Ceramic: Opaque in color and typically featuring a molded design. Ceramic water pipes are just as fragile as glass.
  • Acrylic: Normally a translucent solid color, acrylic waterpipe is a cheap option for a smoker’s first waterpipe.
  • Silicone: A rugged and unbreakable water pipe, silicone water pipes are perfect for on-the-go travel and clumsy smokers

Water Pipe Brands We Wholesale.

At AOG, we wholesale a wide variety of different brands of water pipes in bulk. 

  • Grav: Grav carries a wide range of elegant and simple waterpipes. Be sure to check out their uniquely shaped bubblers in a variety of colors.
  • Galaxy: Our in-house brand, Galaxy Glass, carries unique waterpipes in a variety of styles, sizes, and price ranges.
  • Lookah: Lookah’s sculptural and exquisite water pipes are sure to be the centerpiece of your smoking den.
  • AFM: AFM carries a range of waterpipes and rigs in unique and eye-catching pastel color combinations.

What To Consider When Buying Wholesale Water Pipe?

Here are some things to consider when buying water pipes wholesale.

  • Thickness: When looking for glass, be sure to consider the thickness and weight of the glass; selling your customers flimsy and easily breakable pipes will just frustrate them in the end. AOG sells a wide range of sturdy and dependable glass.
  • Quality: Not all glass is created equal, When buying wholesale glass, be sure to check for variations and inconsistency in construction. AOG waterpipes are all quality checked on arrival to the warehouse, and if something slips past us, we are quick to replace it for you.
  • Cost: When buying water pipes, be sure to consider how much profit you can make from it in your store. AOG has the best wholesale glass margins in the industry, helping you maximize profit.

Why Choose Us For Buying Bulk Water Pipe?

AOG is known for its wide variety of wholesale glass water pipes at amazing and reasonable prices. Shopping for wholesale water pipes with AOG sets your store up for success.

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