We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials when it comes to our grinder products. Art of Glass Wholesale offers shoppers the ability to excite themselves with a range of grinder products and accessories at wholesale prices. Shopping with Art of Glass Wholesale for all of your Grinder needs will surely leave you and your customers satisfied. 
What Are Grinders For?
Grinders are primarily tools that can best be used for breaking down malleable substances, such as dry herbs, spices, and other plant botanical material. This is done to make these substances easier to manage in smaller, more refined pieces. Grinders in our industry are best categorized to be used for the preparation of smoking/vaporization.
About Our Wholesale Grinders.
In the wholesale grinder collection of AOG, we offer an immense variety of grinders. From different shapes, sizes, functionalities, designs, and materials, we have it all! We offer our customers the ability to purchase grinders from single to bundled packages. Come check it out at Art of Glass Wholesale now!
Types Of Grinders Are Available In Our Wholesale Store.
We offer many different types of grinders for wholesale. Primarily, they are categorized by material being:

Acrylic Grinder
Metal Grinder
Wood Grinder

In terms of functionality, we offer bulk grinders based on:

Mechanical (Hand Twist) – Mechanical grinders require the physical movement, typically of a twisting motion, of the pieces of the grinder with the material in between.

Electronic – Electronic grinders utilize batteries or power cords to power the device. Rather than requiring physical movement, they use mechanical parts attached to a motor to grind up the material.

Handle – Handle grinders are another form of mechanical grinders. However, rather than a twisting motion of the pieces, a handle is provided to rotate in order to grind the material.

Multiple Pieces – Multiple-piece grinders are fairly among the industry standard. Grinders can come in multiple pieces, including the grinder teeth, the catching reservoir, and a storage portion of the grinder.

Storage Capability – Grinders can have storage capabilities as well. Storage grinders offer users the ability to place additional materials/substances in a built-in compartment of the grinder. 
Brands Are Available To Sell Bulk Grinders.
Tsunami – Tsunami began in 2011 and has been of a premium quality ever since. Their grinders offer some of the most consistent deliverables you could ask for in a grinder product.

Chromium Crusher – Chromium Crusher grinders are as classic as it gets. Delivering sound products for customer purchase for years to come, they are reliable and solid.

Wak-It – Wak-It was one of the first electric grinders on the scene. Gaining popularity over recent years, they deliver.

King Palm – King Palm, being a rolling paper/wrap company, got their foot in the door when it came to grinders. Now on the scene as a quality product, King Palm offers grinders alongside their paper/wrap products.

Pulsar – Pulsar, widely known as a vaporizer and glass pipe production company, also dabbles in the grinder industry. Their grinders are sophisticated and crafted perfectly towards a positive design.

V Syndicate – V Syndicate is a grinder company founded in 2010 that developed the world’s first flat herb grinder in the shape/size of a card that can fit into a wallet. They innovate new products each and every year and continue to excite.

Benji – Benji offers multi-piece grinders. They are of reliable quality and size for customer use.

Green Monkey – Green Monkey grinders are a premium herb grinder brand that devotes their products specifically to the marketplace of grinder needs. They offer great products at great prices, which can’t be beaten. 

Raw – Raw, alongside its infamous rolling paper products and accessories, has created its own line of grinders. Just as their other products are, their grinders are no exception to the reliability and confidence you can pose in their brand name.

Ooze – Ooze is known for its vaporizers, glass pipes, and other accessories curated for the smoking industry. Grinders are no exception, as they have developed some of the cooler and unique designs.

Grav – Grav has given way along with their glass products to accessories needed, such as grinders. Grav grinders are a great product to stock up on and shouldn’t be overlooked! 
What Should We Consider When Buying Bulk Grinders?
When buying bulk grinders at wholesale price, it is important to note that although they are very similar to one another when it comes to their functionality, their style and appearance tend to be a larger selling point. 

Consumers of grinder products tend to lean more in the direction of what catches the eye and appeals to their hand when using. Although certain brands are notably of a better quality than others, it is important to shop for what styles/materials you believe your customers will lean towards.
Why Choose Art Of Glass For Buying Wholesale Grinders?
Here at Art of Glass Wholesale, when it comes to grinders, we only carry the best of the best. Grinders are a product that can be very cheap and of poor quality. 

For our wholesale, we have decided to only specialize in the best quality grinders that will satisfy you and your customers. 

The wholesale price that we offer also gives you the ability to turn over our product to make it a good investment on your end for retail sales. Come shop with us for all of your grinder needs now!!

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