Hookahs, otherwise known as shisha, narghile, or water pipes, are traditional smoking devices that are used to smoke and inhale tobacco and other herbal products. Hookahs originated in ancient Persia and have carried their popularity through their cultural significance and historical value all over the world.

Hookahs are made up of different parts, some of which include:

  • The bowl
  • Charcoal stones
  • The water chamber
  • The pipe/downstem
  • The hose/snake
  • And the check/purge valve

All of these components make up a fully functional hookah set that can be used as desired.

About Our Hookah Wholesale Collection:

We offer a variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and materials when it comes to our wholesale hookah products. Additionally, Art of Glass Wholesale makes Hookah accessories and necessities, such as charcoal, available for consumer purchase. Shopping with Art of Glass Wholesale for all of your Hookah needs will surely leave you and your customers satisfied.

Types of Hookah we Wholesale:

Here at Art of Glass Wholesale, we sell a variety of Hookah types. Mostly differential by material and type, some of our variations include:

Single Hose: hookah set that uses one hose. This model has one singular hose that comes from the hookah for use. These are best for singular sessions.

Double Hose: hookah set that uses two hoses. This model has two separate hoses that come out of the hookah for use. These are best with multiple-party sessions.

Glass: The hookah device is made out of glass. These hookah devices have glass components that shape the hookah and make up the main components.

Aluminum: The hookah device is made out of aluminum. These hookah devices have aluminum components that shape the hookah and make up the main components.

Stainless Steel: The hookah device is made out of stainless steel. These hookah devices have stainless steel components that shape the hookah and make up the main components.

Wood: The hookah device is made out of wood. These hookah devices have wood components that shape the hookah and make up the main components.

Zinc Alloy: hookah device made out of zinc alloy. These hookah devices have zinc alloy components that shape the hookah and make up the main components.

What Accessories Does A Hookah Set Consist Of?

Hookah sets include many different parts that make up the entire set. In total, Hookah sets consist of the following:

The Hookah device itself is often made of glass or metal material. The hookah set is what gets sold in its own entirety to the customer. These sets allow for the use of hookah products to be put inside of them and smoked.

Hookah Charcoal – hookah devices require a heating element to combust the material/substance being put into them. Hookah Charcoal is sold to be placed inside the hookah tray so that it can be lit and used as this heating element.

Bowl head – bowl heads are placed on top of hookahs as the primary place for the charcoal to go into, to which the smoking material/substance is then placed on top of that. They are the holder/container for charcoal and the smoking substance.

Hose – the hookah hose is what is used to transport the smoke/vapor from the bowl head to the consumer’s mouth. They act as a drawing mechanism for users to inhale the smoke/vapor from.

Hookah tips – hookah tips go on the end of the hose. Often disposable, hookah tips can ensure the hygiene of hookah use across multiple individuals and offer a place for users to pierce their lips around and inhale through the hose.

How Does Hookah Vapor Work?

Hookahs technically generate smoke, not vapor. This works by heating the flavored tobacco substance via the charcoal in the tray below, having that smoke pulled through the hookah’s water chamber, and then drawn through the hose and tip to the user’s mouth.

How To Use A Hookah Set?

Hookah sets are fairly straightforward and simple to use. The process is done so by:

  • Loading the bowl head with tobacco product
  • Loading the charcoal tray with charcoal
  • Igniting the charcoal
  • Letting the tobacco substance heat up via the charcoal
  • Drawing the smoke through the hose via the tip to the user’s mouth
  • Inhaling the smoke and exhaling as many times as the user desires

How To Clean A Hookah Set?

Cleaning a hookah is very similar to any other smoking product you might clean. It is done so by:

  • Taking the hookah apart
  • Throwing away any remaining/lingering tobacco substance
  • Cleaning the bowl/charcoal tray with proper cleaning products
  • Cleaning the hose
  • Cleaning out the water chamber and filling with fresh water
  • Cleaning the stem/downstem with the proper cleaning tools/products
  • Ensure that the check/purge valve is clean
  • Allow all components to dry before reassembling

 Benefits Of Buying Hookah From Us:

Buying hookah from Art of Glass Wholesale is a no brainer. We offer various shapes, sizes, materials, and colors when it comes to our hookah products. Additionally, all of the necessary components and accessories needed to keep a hookah in full swing are offered for purchase from us. Come shop with Art of Glass Wholesale for all of your hookah needs!

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