Formula 420

About Formula 420.

Formula 420 is a top of the line brand of cleaners and cleaning accessories, Formula 420 is at the forefront of innovation in the industry, and has recently celebrated their 25th anniversary! If you have a piece you want clean Formula 420 has everything you need to make your Glass, Metal, Acrylic, Ceramic, or Silicone look Brand new.

Formula 420 Brand Products We Wholesale.

Formula 420 Has a wide variety of cleaning products available for every messy situation.

  • A1 – FORMULA 420 PYREX-GLASS-METAL-CERAMIC: Formula 420’s classic original cleaner is a great all around cleaner, there is no need for soaking with formula 420’s exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology!
  • A2 – FORMULA 420 ALL NATURAL: Formula 420’s natural formula is an all natural non-toxic biodegradable cleaner.
  • A3 – FORMULA 420 DAILY USE CONCENTRATE: This concentrated cleanser should be mixed with water to maximize the amount of cleaner, so you can keep your piece clean on the day to day.
  • A4 – FORMULA 420 PLASTICS / SILICONE: This cleaner with Formula 420’s exclusive AbrasivAction™ technology is specially formulated for use with silicone and plastic products.
  • S1 – FORMULA 420 SOAK -N- RINSE: This Formula 420 cleaner is specially formatted for smoking smaller products that are difficult to shake.
  • C1 – FORMULA 710 ADVANCED CLEANER: Formula 710 Advanced Cleaner is a non-abrasive formulated cleaner for cleaning waxy and oily pieces.
  • C2 – FORMULA 710 INSTANT CLEANER: Formula 710 Instant Cleaner uses patented AbrasivAction™ technology, and is specially formatted for cleaning waxy and oily pieces.
  • BRISTLES AND BRUSHES: Formula 420 has a wide variety of brushes and bristles to reach into the tightest downstems and mouthpieces to assist in the scrubbing of gunk.
  • CLEANING CAPS: Formula 420 cleaning caps are perfect to seal of the mouthpiece and downstem of your piece so you can shake with confidence while you clean.

Top-Selling Formula 420 Products.

Formula 420’s Top Selling Product is their A1 – Original Cleaner, this classic cleaner is a great product to test the Formula 420 brand in your store because of its versatility. We recommend adding a display of formula 420 cleansers to your store so you can refill it as needed.

Why Should You Choose Formula 420 For Your Shop?

Formula Is a top of the line brand, there are many reasons to add their products to your shop.

  • Formula 420 has 25 years of experience in the industry
  • Formula 420 has a wide range of products, guaranteeing that they have the right cleaner for any job
  • Formula 420 is constantly evolving and improving its formula, staying innovative in an ever-changing industry  

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