Hemp Wraps

Commonly made from ground hemp pulp pressed into thin sheets, Hemp Wraps are widely considered a healthier alternative to blunt wraps. Hemp wraps typically have more body and flavor than rolling papers but do not contain addictive nicotine like the popular tobacco wrap. Hemp Wraps come in a wide variety of flavors and an ever-expanding list of brands.
About Our Hemp Wrap Wholesale.
At AOG Wholesale, we carry a wide variety of hemp wraps at the best prices in the industry. We price our hemp wraps competitively so you can maximize your profit. At AOG, we know the longer that wraps sit on the shelf, the dryer they become. Our competitive wholesale pricing ensures that we are always selling and cycling out fresh wraps for you and your customers.
How Does A Hemp Wrap Work?
Hemp Wraps function in a similar way to most rolling mediums! Hold the wrap between your thumb and index finger, and pack the center with your product. 

Roll the wrap between your thumb and index finger to compress the product into a cylindrical shape inside of the wrap. Once satisfied, lick the end and roll it to seal the wrap. A rolling machine may also be used for an easier roll!
Different Types Of Wraps We Wholesale In Aog.
Although we primarily distribute Hemp Wraps, there are other varieties of tobacco-less wraps you will find in our catalog.

Palm Wraps: Often made from a single palm leaf wrapped in a conical shape. These wraps are normally sold in pre-rolled form.
Goji Wraps: Goji Wraps are made from goji berries pressed into a super thin sheet.
Infused Hemp Wraps: Infused hemp wraps are typical hemp wraps however, the pulp is infused with different terpene flavor profiles for an enhanced smoking experience.

The Best Brands For Hemp Wraps We Wholesale.
Hemp Wraps come in a wide variety of brands we wholesale. At AOG, we have a wide variety to keep your shelves stocked for every customer.

Kong: Kong wraps are developed for connoisseurs by connoisseurs and guarantee a smooth hit.
Twisted Hemp: A 100% Veteran-owned company, Twisted Hemp Wraps are meticulously crafted from natural hemp and ensure an even and smooth smoking experience.
Skunk: Skunk hemp wraps are high-quality and embody the same rebellious spirit Skunk started in 1995.
King Palm: Inspired by some of the earliest smokers using whole leaves as wraps, King Palm creates high-quality hemp and palm wraps that embrace all things natural.

Why Choose Aog For Buying Wholesale Hemp Wraps?
AOG has the best prices in the market and the widest variety of brands and flavored hemp wraps to stock your shelves in bulk; we have anything your customer may desire and are constantly expanding our selection in the wholesale business system.

Prices: We have some of the lowest prices in the industry which helps you maximize profits in your shop.
Brands: We carry a wide variety of brands to ensure we have the perfect wraps for your customers. Every brand has a unique and distinct quality and flavor.
Flavors: From wraps infused with natural terpenes to wraps flavored to taste like cookies and bubblegum we have every flavor profile your customer desires.
Material: We carry more than just hemp! We have other nicotine and tobacco-free wraps made from palm and Goji! 

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