Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are flat surfaces, typically in the shape of a rectangle, that have added depth to contain the substance being used on them. Rolling trays have lifted edges around the perimeter that help contain the substance being rolled.
What Are Rolling Trays Used For?
Rolling trays offer users the ability to roll their own products using cigarette/rolling papers. Users layout their substance and materials on them and use the tray as a surface to roll their own products in a more organized fashion.
Our Wholesale Rolling Trays.
At Art of Glass Wholesale, we offer many different brands, types, and materials of rolling trays. Our collection has many options to choose from, and any rolling tray that we sell is guaranteed to satisfy the customer purchasing it.
Types Of Rolling Trays We Wholesale.
There are many different types of rolling trays available for purchase from Art of Glass Wholesale. They are:

Glass Rolling Trays – Glass Rolling Trays are made from glass material. Often transparent.

Metal Rolling Trays – Metal Rolling Trays are made from metal material. Often solid.

Wood Rolling Trays – Wood Rolling Trays are made from wood material.

Silicone Rolling Trays –  Silicone Rolling Trays are made from silicone material.

Raw Rolling Trays – Raw Rolling Trays are made by the brand Raw.
Best Brands Of Rolling Trays We Wholesale.
There are only a few brands of rolling trays that we highly recommend. Among them are:

Raw – Alongside Raw’s amazing rolling paper products, why not take part in accessories such as their rolling trays?! Reliable, effective, and name-worthy, Raw rolling trays are great!

V Syndicate – V Syndicate, in addition to their grinders, specializes in rolling trays. From cool designs to amazing quality, their brand will not disappoint when it comes to rolling trays.

Blazy Susan – Blazy Susan has carefully crafted their rolling trays just like their papers. They made sure to keep a simplistic yet effective approach to the design and manufacturing of them to deliver exciting products.

Santa Cruz – Santa Cruz allows for some of the better rolling trays around. Sponsored along with their notorious grinders, their rolling trays are no exception.

Vibes – Vibes is also known for their rolling papers. However, their rolling trays fit perfectly with their rolling papers when customers look for completed sets. 
Considerations When Choosing Bulk Rolling Trays.
When buying wholesale bulk rolling trays, it is important to consider the following:

Material – The material of the tray weighs heavily with how it appeals to customers. People appreciate a rolling tray with a quality build.

Size – Rolling trays come in all shapes and sizes. Having a variety of such is good to give customers options.

Shape – In general, rolling trays are consistently in a rectangular shape. However, if other shapes exist and offer some benefits for sales, it might be a good idea to get other shapes.

Color/Design – This is probably the primary motivator for the sale of rolling trays. Having rolling tray options with eye-catching colors/designs definitely makes them have more of a selling point.
Why Should You Buy Bulk Rolling Trays From Us?
Buying bulk rolling trays from Art of Glass Wholesale is definitely the right choice. We offer a range of different brands, designs, and sizes for customers to choose from. When it comes to a quality product that will sell to various kinds of customers, shopping for bulk rolling trays with us is the way to go!

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