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A downstem is a tube made of glass; one end of the tube is commonly fitted for a 14mm bowl head to be inserted, and then the downstem is set in a 19mm opening. The other end has a hole or multiple holes and is inserted into the water pipe below the water line. The downstem helps with the diffusion of the smoke.
How Does A Downstem Work?
A downstem is inserted into a water pipe with one end set below the waterline. A bowlhead with legal herb is inserted into the other end. When you draw into the piece, the downstem carries the smoke from the bowhead and under the water. When the smoke bubbles through the water, it diffuses the smoke and helps to purify and cool it.
Types Of Downstem We Wholesale?
Downstems, although a basic component of a  waterpipe, come in a wide variety of styles and sizes. At AOG, we have a wide variety of downstems for wholesale for all of your smoking needs.

Basic: A basic downstem has one end fitted for a bowlhead and a single hole at the submerged end.
Diffused: A diffused downstem has a collection of small rectangular holes on the sides of the submerged end to increase the diffusion when smoking.
Percolated: A percolated Downstem has a perc located at the submerged end or within the downstem itself. Ranging from tree percs to barrel percs, Percolated downstems come in a wide variety of styles and lengths.
Silicone: Downstems are one of the most fragile pieces of a water pipe. Silicone Downstems ensure that your downstem is safe, Some silicone downstems may even come with adjustable pieces so they can fit in many different pieces.

Aog’s Best Downstem Brands We Wholesale.
We sell different types of downstem in bulk at wholesale prices. Each brand’s downstems vary differently, and generic downstems are also available.

Honeybee: Honeybee carries a range of sizes of high-quality clear downstems.
Lucky Goat: Lucky Goat carries a variety of simple downstems in various sizes, as well as some more decorated stripped downstems featuring pops of color.
White Rhino: White Rhino sells a variety of different downstems, from displays containing a wide range of different lengths to adjustable silicone downstems.
Unbranded: Unbranded downstems are generic and basic. However, these downstems have some of the lowest costs. Due to the low cost, these downstems may not be of the same quality as a branded downstem.

Wholesale Downstem: What Are The Benefits Of Buying From Us?
We carry a wide variety of different downstem brands, sizes, and styles that are sure to meet your customers’ needs! AOG has the best prices in the industry and is sure to have the best downstems to stock your shelves

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