Doob Tubes

About Doob Tubes Brand.

The Doob Tube was created by Ray C. After a seven-month round of chemotherapy, Ray found himself smoking to deal with the pain however he hated the terrible smell a half-burnt roll would smell. 

After several run ins with the law who refused to believe he was well within his right to be using alternative medicine, Ray designed a clearly labeled, robust plastic tube, air-tight and waterproof.

Doob Tube Products We Wholesale. 

Doob Tubes come in two sizes and come in either black or assorted.

  • Regular: 4.3” long and 0.55” wide – this regular size Doob Tube is perfect for 1 ¼” papers and comes in regular & black.
  • Large: 5.5” long and 0.65” wide – this large size Doob Tube is perfect for king size papers and comes in regular assorted colors.

Why Should You Choose Doob Tube Products For Your Shop?

  • Doob Tubes are the original and best smell proof tube. Doob Tube has become the common name for all smell proof pre-roll containers giving them recognizability across the culture.

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