The Yocan Black Phaser Arc nectar collector is a honey straw that’s apart of the Black Series launched by Yocan. In short, it’s a nectar collector. But the functionality make it one of the best nectar collectors on the market. Not only does it have a OLED display, it comes packed with a huge range in heat temps. If you’re looking for the cream of the crop when it comes to nectar collectors, then look no further! This is the machine for you.

Yocan Black

Phaser Arc

How to Use

To use the Phaser Arc is relatively simple. Like any nectar collector, the heated tip is dipped into your favorite wax for a fast reliable way to consume those sweet vapors. To turn on the Phaser Arc, press the trigger style button on the grip 5 times. To activate the auto work mode, press the trigger twice. This will heat the embedded ceramic tube tip slowly and keep a constant heat allowing not only the consumption of the psychoactive ingredients, but also retaining the taste of the concentrate. There is an OLED that indicates the charge left on the Phaser, and the heating level. There are no set temperatures which is a feature that we love. It allows much more control of the heat temp you’re looking for. To change the temp settings, hit the button on the user facing side. + for an increase in temp, and – for a decrease in temp.

Design of the Phaser ARc

The design of the Yocan Phaser Arc is very high quality. Made up of zinc alloy, the feel in the hands is very comfortable and durable. The glass bubbler mouthpiece sits upright for a clean session. The button system is a wonderful change in nectar collectors on the market. It is a trigger style honey straw and has a line of sight dabbing for easier use. It has a usb type c charging port for fast charging. It takes about 2.5 hours till a full charge, and only has a long charge time due to its huge battery of 1800 mAh. But the thing to talk about is the OLED display. It is a very detailed display and indicates not only the heat level, but the current charge of the battery.

Yocan Black

Phaser Arc

Temperature settings

The temperature settings on the Phaser Arc is some of the best we’ve seen. Gone are the days when a honey straw has only 3 temp setting that are programmed in the electronics of the piece. This nectar collector allows the user to decide their own temp settings with a range of 2.0 to an insane 4.2! For tastier vapor, stick to a lower temp setting, and if you’re looking for a huge cloud of smoke, crank it up a higher heat.

Pros of the Phaser Arc

– huge battery

– usb-c charging port

– dedicated heat level buttons

– sitting upright design

– OLED display

– auto work mode

– trigger style button for line of sight dabbing

– water bubbler glass mouth piece


Phaser Arc

Overall Impressions

We all agree that the Phaser Arc is an amazing product. Our favorite in the yocan black series line, this honey straw makes for a great addition to someone’s smoking arsenal. Whether you’re looking to hit for medical reasons, or an avid recreational toker, the Yocan Phaser Arc is at the top of its class.

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