All vaping experiences are not the same. some don’t mind a pen like battery to attach your favorite cart, and others are looking for something a bit more discreet. Whether you’re in a public place or want to hid your favorite cart behind closed doors, the Galaxy cartbox is the battery for you. It looks like any normal nicotine vape, but inside is where the magic happens. A 510 thread connector allows you to hid any 1 gram or 2 gram carts. This is perfect for on the go vaping that is super secretive. We love this cart and we think you will too!



How to Use

Using this cart is pretty straight forward. To turn on the device, press the button 5 times rapidly (or hit it quickly) 3 presses of the button changes your voltage settings, and two hits starts the preheat mode (you can also hit the cart twice rapidly to start the preheat mode, which we think is kinda cool) 

Design of the Galaxy Cartbox

The design of the Galaxy Cartbox is very nice. Made from a thick heavy plastic with a metal body, the cart battery is very sturdy to the feel. To attach the cart, pull the bottom of the device off, which is connected by two small magnets. Then attach your favorite 1 or 2 gram carts to the base and reattach the same way you removed the bottom. Then feel free to take a drag, but don’t forget to preheat! The Cartbox also comes with a huge battery, at 650 mAh. For such a small device, this battery holds some serious power.




Temperature settings

The range of temperature on this device is very nice. There are three temp settings, green indicates a voltage of 2.8. The next voltage level is 3.4 with a blue light indication. The last setting is red, and that has a voltage of 3.8 volts. It also has a preheat mode with a temp of 1.8 volts. For such a small product, it definitely attracts all types of Vapers. So if you want a mellow drag or something with a bit more punch, the Galaxy Cartbox has you covered.

Pros of the Galaxy Cartbox

– large 650 mAh battery

– preheat mode

-usb-c charge port

– discreet vaping experience

– fits 1g and 2g carts



Overall Impressions

The Galaxy Cartbox has so many features packed in such a small battery. Vaping in public is not always someone’s cup of tea. And if your looking for a discreet vaping experience, that allows you to enjoy your high without the stigma of it, the Galaxy Cartbox is the battery for you.

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